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Blah Blah Valentine's Day by Kyle Adams - Releases 2/14

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Blah Blah Valentine's Day - Kyle Adams

Can't wait!!! 

Dirty Vlogger - Kyle Adams
  This will be a free story coming in January. I found this cover image a long time ago and have been wanting to write the story to go with it. I'm happy to say I finally did and glad I can share the cover

Love Has No Boundaries Anthology Volume 1

Love Has No Boundaries Anthology Volume 1 - Lexi Ander, Kyle Adams,  Kim Alan,  Vicktor Alexander,  Sara Alva,  Tam Ames,  Ann Anderson,  Hennessee Andrews,  Keira Andrews,  C. J. Anthony,  Lacie J. Archer,  Elin Austen This is published for free by the MM Romance group here on goodreads. The antho can be downloaded through their LHNB website here Here.
A Gay Romance - Gina A. Rogers,  Kyle Adams Yes, this is a full length Novel!
Yes, this is probably funnier than all my other stories combined.
Yes, I can't wait for this to be released though it will be a slow process.
Dirty Pirate - Kyle Adams Thursday, September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2013 and its my goal to have this released before then. (ETA goal completed early on 08/30/13)

Free at Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks

This story started based on a discussion of Kim Alan's review of [b:Dirty Cop|17933490|Dirty Cop|Kyle Adams||25140550]

Dirty Shorts Volume One - Kyle Adams Available for free at Smashwords Here. and Are Here

It's now on Amazon Here. but they haven't done the prize match to free yet.

And the paperback version is available for sale at Lulu
Routine Watch - Gina A. Rogers I really loved this story. And not just because it has a brief cameo appearance by Rick & Ashley from [b:A Dirty Drag Collection|17903340|A Dirty Drag Collection|Kyle Adams||25081390] but because it was great. It's a short story that packs a lot of punch and I think people will really like it.
Dirty Cop - Kyle Adams
This story is released for free here.

Special thank you to Hearts On Fire Reviews. for hosting this story!

Cover art by the talented Shadowphen!
A Dirty Drag Collection - Kyle Adams So all the art work was done by the amazingly talented Shadowphen and put them into the cover you see here. I'll admit, it is a little busy, but I like it.

If you haven't started this series you can read [b:A Dirty Drag Collection|17903340|A Dirty Drag Collection|Kyle Adams||25081390] to get all three stories in one at Smashwords or All Romance Ebooks

This finally went free on Amazon
Dirty Drag 3: Beyond The Drag - Kyle Adams Cover art by Shadowphen

This got five hearts at Hearts on Fire Reviews

This is now free at Smashwords and at All Romance Ebooks

And if you haven't started the series you can also read [b:A Dirty Drag Collection|17903340|A Dirty Drag Collection|Kyle Adams||25081390] to get all three stories in one at Smashwords or All Romance Ebooks
Make a Play: 2013 Daily Dose Anthology "No Losers in the Game of Love" - Dawn Kimberly Johnson,  Kyle Adams,  J.P. Barnaby,  Catt Ford,  Anna Butler,  Sabine Cross,  Mary Calmes,  Kay Ellis,  Bru Baker,  Laylah Hunter,  Maja Rose,  Elinor Gray,  Ashavan Doyon,  Stella K. Jefferson,  Ari McKay,  Pinkie Ray Parker,  Teegan Loy,  Lee Comyn,  Nora The bundle is available for purchase Here

[b:Prize Package|17792817|Prize Package (2013 Daily Dose Make a Play)|Kyle Adams||24887332] is my contribution to the anthology.

If you missed it here are what the tough critics are saying about Prize Package:

"By far the best book I read today." - My Mom

For more quotes and links to reviews of Prize Package check out my review here
Prize Package - Kyle Adams My first story through a publisher! It is personally my favorite story I have written. Can't wait to see what people think.

Available at DSP Here. and at ARe and Amazon

"By far the best book I read today." - My Mom (no link to source because I made it up).

"What an enjoyable and unique story." - JustJen who gave 4.5 hearts at Hearts on Fire Here!

"keep a towel handy" - Macky gave 4.5 stars at Sid Love's blog Here

The package bundle is now listed Here so you can see all of the stories and authors for the Daily Dose.
Dirty Boys - Kyle Adams Update: this has been released Here to celebrate the MM group reaching 10,000 members. So far it can only be read in the group but should be available in ebook in a week or so...

Part of the Awesome MM group's Love Has No Boundaries event.

Cover art by [a:Hector Himeros|4827323|Hector Himeros|]

Check out this awesome five star review by Cindi at On Top Down Under Book Reviews

The event volunteers have made a website and on it you can download the LHNB stories (mobi, PDF, ePub). Mine is Here

It's also now on Smashwords
Dirty Drag 2: The Night Drags On - Kyle Adams Cover was done by the amazing Shadowphen ... I love it.

Free at Smashwords and ARe

I posted a short Interview With Rick for anyone interested in reading it.
Dirty Drag - Kyle Adams This story is now free at Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks

I wasn't expecting there to be so much interest in this already. When I added this to goodreads I realized I didn't have a blurb, I added it anyway, figuring I'd get the blurb done before anyone noticed. When I came back today today (12-07-12) I noticed several people have already added it to their shelves, and I just want to say I appreciate your interest in my work. I still haven't finished the blurb, but I will soon. I hope.

The wonderful cover was created by Shadowphen and I think she did fabulous.

ETA there is now a free follow up story
[b:Dirty Drag 2: The Night Drags On|17608991|Dirty Drag 2 The Night Drags On|Kyle Adams||24568320]
Not Microwave Safe (A Halloween Story) - Kyle Adams Special thanks to Shadowphen for making this cover, which I think is perfect for the story.

This is more of a silly and fun story than a scary one. At least that's what I thought.